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Alcohol: Is There Really A Problem?
Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Alcoholism and alcohol abuse are different branches of the same poisonous tree. Alcoholism is dependence based; meaning, a person feels that they need alcohol in order to cope with day-to-day life.

Alcohol abuse, on the other hand, is not an uncontrollable urge, but the uncontrollability of the abuser once s/he obtains alcohol.

An alcoholic abuser may have problems keeping up with daily responsibilities, such as going to work or adhering to familial needs. He or she may also get in drunk-driving accidents, or develop medical conditions due to their alcoholic consumption.

Binge drinking, for example, is a method of abusing alcohol, but not everyone who binge drinks would be considered an alcoholic, by definition.

Try asking yourself the following questions to assess whether you believe that you could have a problematic alcohol related issue. The first question relates to how others view you.

* Question 1: Has anyone ever brought the issue up, that your drinking is a problem? The next three deal with personal reflection.

* Question 2: Have you ever felt guilty about your drinking?

* Question 3: Have you ever thought that drinking got in your way or that you should cut down?

* And, question 4: Do you drink in the morning to feel better, or to calm your nerves (or to recover from a hangover)?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then you could have an alcohol related problem. If you answered yes to more than one, then you should seriously start thinking about treatment options because, like any disease, if caught early enough, the chances for success are exponentially greater than if you allow the disease (as it is a disease of the body and mind) to carry on its course.

Once you talk to an expert or others about these issues, you'll find the best route of treatment. Many problem drinkers recover and abstain from alcohol for the rest of their lives. Others attempt to moderate their consumption. That, however, takes even more control and determination than quitting all together.

And, as stated, if you 'feel' within yourself that there is a problem, or if others have shown concern in regard to your drinking habits, then it might be best to consider abstaining from alcohol completely, thereby allowing you no "slip ups" in the future.

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