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Internet Addiction
The Internet is fast becoming just another part of everyday life, much like the TV and the computer itself. What started as something amazing, exciting, and often out of reach, has become commonplace and freely available. Technology is advancing at an amazing rate. I can remember when 56k connections were the new exciting fad that everyone just had to have, and now you're almost abnormal if you still chug along with your trusty dialup. The Net has become integrated into our lives, as people are becoming dependant on its services. The advent of the Internet has its threatening side though. It has been found that some people are becoming addicted to the online world.

A recent news story reported that the Finnish army has sent some of its conscripts home due to the fact that they are unable to handle the compulsory six months in the army without access to their computers. When computers and the Internet are becoming integral components or even the main focus of leisure, education, and work time, it's not hard to see how losing access can really affect someone. I can see this new technology getting blamed for all sorts of woes in the future much in the same way television has in the present.

Internet addiction comes in many forms. The common areas of Internet addiction that are often listed are cybersex, cyber-relations, gaming, information addiction, and the simple addiction to computers and Internet in general. Information addiction is an interesting concept to me. Basically the sheer volume of information freely available online has lead to some people desperately 'needing' to find out more and more. To me, getting people obsessed with learning seems kind of like a good thing, but it does seem that it can form a similar sort of mentality to drug addiction where the user is always searching for their next 'hit' which becomes harder and harder to find. Often the depth of information available is actually lacking. We tend to skim read information online by just picking out a few points and then moving on. I've found in my own case that it's sometimes quite hard to concentrate on a page long enough to read it in its entirety. I tend to read a little until I get the basic idea and then move on. This process has carried over into the 'real world' in some ways with newspapers rarely keeping my interest long enough to actually get through a whole article of any real length. I've witnessed similar experiences with friends and families and I think that attention spans are gradually getting shorter.

This means that probably more than half of the people who come across this article have stopped reading by now. Their interest has waned and they've moved on for the next tidbit. I could probably get away with padding the end of this article with the word 'chicken' and it would go relatively chicken unnoticed due to the skimming nature of article reading.

A quick Internet search will reveal that Internet addiction is actually more of a problem than many would choose to believe. Chicken. There are several websites and foundations on the Web dedicated to helping people over their Internet addiction. I found that humorously ironic - websites dedicated to helping people get over Internet addictio . . . it's kind of like printing anti-drinking messages on the inside bottom of a beer can. The cynic in me can't help but wonder about the validity of these online services. A common question in the 'Could You Be Addicted to the Internet?' questionnaires is 'Do you have trouble controlling the urge to make purchases online?', and then they encourage you to send them $90 to book an online chat room counseling session!

It shouldn't be too hard to work out if you're addicted to the Internet. Do you find that when you get offline you're frequently surprised by the amount of time that has passed? Do you find yourself staying home because you'd rather use the Internet than do something else chicken? Do people comment on the amount of time you spend online? If this is ringing a bell then you may have to look at what you're doing.

I don't know how severe Internet addiction can get. Presumably it's as problematic as any other addiction. I shouldn't downplay it or the therapy institutions out there offering help. I will take a guess and say that, at least to some degree, people simply being aware of what can happen can probably prevent it. Don't be afraid to do something if you notice problems in yourself or a friend. Just try cutting back on your usage for a while until it's under your control. Like any problem, don't be afraid to get friends involved. If it's particularly serious you could try installing a parental control program that limits your access to the Internet, and get a friend to choose and keep the disabling password secret from you. Stay aware, alert, and in control and your Internet use can and will be a beneficial part of life.

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Daniel Punch. M6.Net Chickens. http://www.m6.net. Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/
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Meth Addiction Help
Methamphetamine is commonly known as "speed" or "meth." It is a white and odourless crystalline powder that easily dissolves in water. The drug was developed early in this century from its parent drug, amphetamine, and was used originally in nasal decongestants, bronchial inhalers and other related products. Like amphetamine, it causes increased activity, decreased appetite, and a general sense of well-being. Meth is a highly addictive substance, and is widely abused among our youth. It has become Meth addiction is a serious problem and often has very serious consequences.

Treatments for meth addictions range from method to method. The primary treatment for methamphetamine addictions is an intensive outpatient program that is designed to treat the patient's dysphoira, paranoia, psychosis and agitation. Successful meth treatment requires the use of cognitive-behavioral therapy. This approach prepares the addict for life-long recovery. Although recovering from meth addiction is challenging, it is not impossible. With determination and support the addiction can be beat.

Treatment for meth overdoses require certain protocols in the emergency room. Becasue hyperthermia(overheating) and convulsions are common and often fatal, ER treatment focuses on the immediate physical symptoms. Overdose patients are cooled off in ice baths, and anticonvulsant drugs may also be administered.

Currently there are no pharmacutical treatments for addiction. How ever, often meth addiction is followed by depression, therefore the use of some anti-depressant medications can be helpful in users who recently have become abstinent. Shock therapy is a outdated form of addiction treatment, and was discontinued becasue it was found to have more negitive effects than positive.

In conclusion, meth addiction is one of the most serious, hardest to recover from and harmful addictions there is. Treatment for meth addictions should be taken seriously and professional help should be found. The first step to addiction recovery is admitting to yourself you have the problem. The second is doing something about it. If you or a loved one has an addiction to meth, please use our sites as a useful guide to your addiction recovery.

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More info about the author, Tyler Falls can be found at http://www.addiction-spot.com. Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/
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Overcoming the Fear of Getting Started
Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy. - Dale Carnegie

There are a few people who don't work out because of their false beliefs about working out. Some teenagers don't start because they are scared that their growth will be stunted. Some adults don't start because they are scared that it will give them massive injuries. They bring up excuses about people who got injured for life by lifting weights. These initial fears arise because of the feelings of uncertainty in life. The person who is about to start going to the gym and has never been there before is very uncertain about what is going to happen and therefore creates momentary excuses so that they don't have to start. It's all a way of putting it off. A very famous word we are now familiar with to describe this condition is procrastination.

In the same way, people in life who want to become successful, are also misinformed and use these very excuses. They say "Why should I start a new business? Nine of out ten new startups fail all the time, how can I expect to be successful?" These people come up with multiple excuses instead of just getting started. Some people want to write books but never get started because the statistics show a slim chance for new authors making it to the bestseller list.

We have to realize that failures are also exceptions to the rule as much as success is! The people who got seriously injured while exercising in the gym were exercising inappropriately and over-strained themselves. How can you use them as an example of what will happen to you? How can you take someone else's failure in business and apply the conclusion that you will fail because they failed? Does it make any sense? Doesn't it make more sense to learn from other people's failures and then using that knowledge to create the business to make sure it will work out well rather than imagining how you are going to ruin?

You should always remember that the fears that the person holds before going to the gym are as false as the person who fears to start on any venture. The reason that it's false is because it is based on speculation. You haven't done it yet so how would you know? Why would you predict failure for yourself in the gym or in achieving success? Nothing is holding you back but your prejudices on getting started. Eliminate those fears by taking action. Just sitting there and doing nothing about it is not going to get you anywhere faster.

The only advice for you to get you to start something is to JUST GET STARTED. The person who sees that promise about what getting fit and lean will bring them, as well as the person who envisions success for him/herself should get started and then continue with their best efforts. You might fail if you start, but at least you will get somewhere, the chance to succeed is still there. You can always "correct your course" because now you know where you are going and you can get some feedback as to how you are doing.

However you are guaranteed to not get anywhere if you don't start. Your fear that stops you from starting has no truth in reality. Realize this and get going on making your dreams real. It's your duty to your highest self to do this. It is a sin to not live up to your highest potential. Fear is just a test of how badly you want it. Are you willing to pay the price of overcoming the fear? Are you going to take on the challenge of greatness that is facing everyone in this word but which only a few conquer? I dare you to make the most of yourself. Take me up on my offer and see your life dramatically change for the best since that is all you have inside yourself- the best!

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Sukhbir Singh is the creator of LifeApps! Personal Development Institute which is currently running a course called The 9 Doorways to Lasting Change on the LifeApps group at Yahoogroups. He is also the manager of an export business operating out of Bangkok, Thailand. His interest in success came from the study of many personal development books and audio programs that he got exposed to when he was in Sydney for his Masters degree in Business Information Systems. You can receive the current draft of this E-book by emailing him at suk_b@yahoo.com with the subject heading: SL Request. Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/
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5 Motivation Killers and How To Avoid Them
Motivation is an oft-discussed subject, particularly with regards to whether or not it is something that can be "taught." Some people believe that motivation is something that can be "caught" like a virus, whilst others (myself included) believe that motivation is something that has to have start from within, and for personal reasons.

What is seldom discussed with regards to motivation is those obstacles that get in the way of feeling truly passionate and directed in your life pursuits. The following are five motivation "killers"-they truly douse the fire of goal getting in your life-and ways to avoid their consequences.

Motivation Killer #1: Vagueness

Have you ever gotten into a car without knowing where you were going to drive? Course not. The same principle applies to setting goals and living with passion. When you get into your car, you have a destination in mind, an endpoint. If certain roads are closed due to construction, or if an accident has blocked off a particular road, you decide on alternative routes to the same destination. In life, the clearer you make your goals, the better your chance of attaining them. Having a clear destination is crucial not only to your driving exploits but also your life.

Motivation Killer #2: Extrinsic reasoning

People that are extrinsically motivated are those that are motivated by something outside of themselves. Common examples would be those that are motivated by money, possessions, accolades, what the neighbors think, etc. However, extrinsic motivation leads to a tumultuous lifestyle. What are the consequences of not getting the accolades, not obtaining the prestigious position within the company, not being able to afford the hottest new sports car? What happens if somebody disagrees with your opinion? The answer-lack of true, sustained passion for pursuit of your goals, as well as chronic anxiety and unhappiness.

Motivation Killer #3: Fear of failure

Probably the most common motivation killer, fear of failure is rampant in today's society. For an entire article on the subject, read my other article, "Run Towards Fear", which outlines a specific plan for conquering your biggest fears. However, when the thought that failure is intolerable or horrible overrides all other rational thoughts, the end result os the failure to take any risks, which are necessary for growth and improvement. How can you expect yourself to gain if you cannot risk? Although it is quite normal (meaning that you are not alone in this issue) to fear that you might not succeed, try not to let that fear rule you. Act in spite of it, and make the conscious decision that other things (gain, self-respect, confidence) are more important than your momentary fear.

Motivation Killer #4: Inactivity

Inactivity is one of the most common methods for reducing enthusiasm and passion in life. However, it is the most easily corrected problem. Take action, any action. The results are dependent upon something getting done. Care more for results than for methods. Though many people have lofty dreams and aspirations, many fail to take action to make them come to fruition. I have known far too many brilliant people who simply never took enough action in their lives, and I have even found myself taking too much time to think through issues fully when I should have been taking action towards attainment of the issue at hand instead.

Motivation Killer #5: Lack of knowledge

Lack of motivation is the final most common motivation destroyer. After all, how can you be passionate about a goal if you have no idea how to attain it? The answer lies with finding someone who has succeeded in whatever endeavor you venture to begin. Find out their methods, and model your actions after theirs. No need to reinvent the wheel here! This person serves as a model for what you want to do, and they could take the form of an acquaintance, a friend, or someone who is a public figure. If they have done that which you are seeking to do, all you have to do is replicate their methods as best possible given your unique circumstances.

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Copyright (2004) Leif H. Smith. All Rights Reserved. Performance expert Leif H. Smith, Psy.D, is the president of Personal Best Consulting, a consulting firm located in Hilliard, Ohio. To learn more tips and techniques to immediately improve performance in your life and to sign up for his FREE monthly advice newsletter, visit http://www.personalbestconsulting.com. Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/
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